Manoela Cezar – Still no news from you…
March 12 — May 21 2022
Manoela Cezar
Still no news from you...
March 12 — May 21 2022

auroras is pleased to present “Still no news from you…” by Manoela Cezar. The work integrates the ongoing research that is synthesized in the “No Road Movie”, a project that began in 2019. This investigation starts from road movies to think about LGBTQ narratives in cinema and resulted in a text in the form of a script, two installations and a website that configure the universe of the work until now. Operating through montage and post-production procedures, the works play with the construction of narratives through the articulation of gestures, objects, image, text and sound. What is sought, however, is to tension the ways of making cinema, looking for ways to do it without film.

The installation in the auroras Project Room is composed of different elements that superimpose the universe of the road – car glass, rear views, headlights – to photographic image supports, either in the “backlight” or in the enlargement of the image that conforms to a panoramic panel that sets the tone for the environment. These relationships are capable of evoking some narrative sense and a mood typical of cinematographic construction.

As complementary parts of this research, a hypermedia platform on the web affirms the encounter between the presence and absence of the form of road movies. There, people are invited to navigate through the fragments of a story, in a game of distances and approximations in no pre-established order. The experience is fragmented and temporalities multiply in an immersive two-dimensional environment that mixes script and film.



Photography: Ding Musa
About the artist

Manoela Cezar (1995, São Paulo) has a postgraduate degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices from FAAP (2021) and a degree in Cinema from the same institution (2016). She works as an audiovisual editor and is the director of the autonomous culture platform Espaço.CC (2017-). In her artistic practice, she investigates the construction of narratives from montage and post-production devices, articulating gestures, objects, images from the collective imagination and personal archives to think about ways of making cinema without film.