Ío – Principles of the World
December 03rd — February 19th 2022
Principles of the World
December 03rd — February 19th 2022

auroras is pleased to present the project “Principles of the World” by the duo Ío, formed by artists Laura Cattani and Munir Klamt. Occupying the Project Room, the project selected in the 2019 Open Call presents an installation that approximates the rigidity of glass to the melting of forty kilos of white chocolate. This opposition between the characteristics of the two materials is one of the driving forces of the work. The slow process for the formation of these almost geological reliefs accumulates a part next to the glass, while the rest runs down the walls to the floor. The other material central to the project is time. Marked by the distinction of each of the layers that overlap, the different applications of the molten material that hardens create a topology crossed by different temporalities.

The first work of this series was carried out in 2012. Now, almost a decade later, a new version is installed at auroras. If, on the one hand, the strong odor of chocolate invites the visitor to a desire to taste, the information that there is poison for rats next to the chocolate, detracts from the taste experience. Thus, the work is constantly placed in a system of doubles – opposing, complementary or contradictory – which indicates a desire for solidity and, in the next instant, melting.


ATTENTION: contains rodenticide in chocolate, do not eat.

Photographies: Ding Musa
About the artists

Ío is the artist duo formed in 2003 by Laura Cattani and Munir Klamt, both Masters and Doctors in Visual Poetics by the PPGAV of the UFRGS Institute of Arts and with a postdoctoral degree at UnB. They are the creators of the Torus Cultural Institute and assistant curators at the 13th. Mercosur Biennial. Ío’s works are born from reflections covering several areas and take shape through drawings, photographs, videos and installations with symbolic materials. They exhibit in several cities in Brazil, as well as Uruguay, Argentina and France. Their production was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the IX Açorianos de Artes Plásticas; Best Exhibition at the 2nd IEAVi Award; Outstanding Award in Technological Media of the III Açorianos Plastic Arts Award; Honorable Mention in the 1st and 4th IEAVI Awards and ten nominations for the Açorianos Award, including the Jury Award for her artistic trajectory. Their work is part of the collections of MACRS, FVCB, Casa Niemeyer Collection, MAM-RJ and was selected for the Funarte Marcantonio Vilaça award to compose the MAMAM collection.