Renato Atuati – Theft
July 24th — October 2nd 2021
Renato Atuati
July 24th — October 2nd 2021

“Theft” is the first project selected by the Open Call for interventions on the swimming pool. Renato Atuati’s work takes as its starting point the neighborhood context, security architectures and surveillance devices. In this environment of constant threat, the artist performs a theft. The object of this theft, however, is unusual. Instead of taking valuables objects, Atuati takes the pool, transforming the auroras’ external landscape.

The outdoor garden is marked by the difference with its usual appearance. That is, taking the place of the pool, a synthetic grass contrasts with the rest of the natural vegetation. This exchange refers to thefts that leave something in place of the stolen object, as if to minimize the difference. The artificiality and the feeling of “out of place”, however, only reinforce the action. Everything below is homogenized in this synthetic rug.

It is, therefore, not only a robbery of gigantic proportions, as this would only result in an emptiness of the same proportions. But added to this action, the artist proposes a certain makeup to the theft, something that pretends that the object was never even there. It creates a real situation, but also a hypothetical and artificial one.

The project is carried out with the support of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, through ProAC.

Photographies: Ding Musa and Julia Thompson
Sobre o artista

Renato Atuati (1986, São Paulo) is interested in developing works that seek displacements, frictions and possible connections between the fields of art, architecture and actions that relate to the daily life of the city. His work takes place through installations and interventions developed in dialogue with specific contexts, exploring the relationships between public and private space at different scales. He is a graduate student in Geography, City and Architecture from Associação Escola da Cidade de São Paulo (2018), and is currently attending the Artists Program at Torcuato Di Tella University, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina (2021 13th edition online). He went through different contexts in artistic residencies also in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015), Porto, Portugal (2014), and in São Paulo in the 14th Red Bull Station Artistic Residency (2017). He participated in public exhibitions such as the 9th 3M Art Exhibition at Largo da Batata (2019), Sunday Lunch at Ateliê 397 (2017) and the Fachada Project at Espaço BREU (2020).