Anna Costa e Silva – Fire on Lake
29 June — 03 August 2019
Anna Costa e Silva
Fire on Lake
29 June — 03 August 2019

Over a rectangular containment of water, a sparkling image is refracted, flickering in space. The work of Anna Costa e Silva, “Fire on Lake” (2018), makes possible an unlikely encounter between fire and water. The work consists of a pin-point projection of small lights that ignite and extinguish, images of an almost extinct fire, in an aquarium filled with water, close to the ground. The result is a luminous and unexpected relationship between water and embers that seek a solid surface for projection, creating traces and light reflections on the walls of the glass containment.

Occupying the Project Room, the visitor is invited to penetrate this dark environment, surrounded by a state of mystery and contemplation when observing this kind of sky reflected in the water.

Photography by: Ding Musa
About the artist

Anna Costa e Silva (1988, Rio de Janeiro) got her MFA from SVA, NY, and received awards such as FOCO Bradesco ArtRio, Funarte Artistic Production Scholarship and the American Austrian Foundation Prize for Fine Arts. Among her solo exhibitions are “Asimtotas” at Caixa Cultural, “I Offer Company” at the Galeria Surface, “Purple” a mobile experience for the city of Rio de Janeiro and “Éter” at Centro Cultural São Paulo. Participated in group shows such as “Unanimous Night” at the Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; “Art In Odd Places”, New York; “What Comes with the Dawn” in Casa Triângulo, São Paulo; “Crossroads” in the Park Lage; and “Abre Alas” at A Gentil Carioca. She began her career directing short films, screened at 40 festivals around the world and worked as assistant director for directors such as Cacá Diegues, Jorge Durán, and Marcos Prado. She directed the documentary series “Olhar” for the Arte1 Channel and “Os Ímpares” for the Curta! Channel.